Crooked Creek Winery and Estate has a heartwarming history as homestead, horse farm, and later, winery. In 2014, the Cooney family seized the opportunity to make Crooked Creek their own after falling in love with the surroundings and the possibility of realizing their dream of making wine and raising kids and horses in a place so beautiful.

Shannon and Mindy Cooney met in Los Angeles and spent much of their time with friends sharing wine and delicious food. They visited the world’s top wine regions when they could and eventually married at a winery in Malibu and honeymooned at their favorite winery in Tuscany, where their love for wine and interest in winemaking escalated. Both Shannon and Mindy are from small town upbringings (Shannon from Pennsylvania and Mindy from Germantown, IL), so they only ever envisioned raising a family back near family and with land to roam. When they visited Crooked Creek Winery over a winter holiday, and as fate would have it, they found their opportunity to make all of their dreams a reality.

Crooked Creek Winery is a small, family operation devoted to making wines that are the truest expression of the local grape varietals while exploring traditional European styles of winemaking. Our offerings will always include a range of sweet to dry wines. And you’ll always find peace sipping your wine and watching the family horses grace the surrounding pasture.